The Mainstream Health Solution: Procedural Learning & Real-Time Guidance

It’s fortunate that problem deliveries are rare. But it’s precisely their rarity that makes them so challenging. To rise to that challenge, obstetric professionals should understand the best practices associated with complicated deliveries and be prepared to execute them. When there’s a problem in the delivery room, decisions have to be made quickly and often under great pressure. Our mission is to instill best practices in the delivery room.

Our materials teach clinicians about best practices and the legal realities of obstetric malpractice, but that’s just the beginning. We teach clinicians how to apply best practices in the delivery room. We promote procedural learning through mock drills (to practice responding to emergency situations in advance of actual emergencies) and electronically delivered task lists that provide real-time, step-by-step information in the event of an emergency. And we teach participants about the best ways to protect their interests in the event of legal action.